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April 10th, 2019

Scroll-to-text using a URL fragment:…. Exciting new experiment available in Chrome.

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External (i.e., non-Google) contributors to Project Fugu 🐡 like Intel and Microsoft make this a true joint effort……Uq

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SMS OTP Retrieval API Explainer:… 📲. One of the top-requested Project Fugu 🐡 APIs. 👍

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@kennethrohde @stshank @IntelSoftware @thejohnjansen ⬆️ Geofencing on Microsoft’s Project Fugu slide. Exciting.

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Should there be a Client Hint for native lazy-load support? Follow… for details.…

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rakinazata To anyone following the development of Searchable Invisible DOM, the proposal had merged with Display Locking and…Zf

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mathias In Chrome, any JavaScript files in a service worker cache are bytecode-cached automatically.

This means there is…tb

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