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April 24th, 2019

webkit Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.2 limits tracking via link decoration by capping client-side cookies to 1 day…To

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@davidbrunelle @HenrikJoreteg Maybe some fellow coffee lovers care…


It’s interesting how far you can go…RkgN

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@HenrikJoreteg There’re definitely different opinions on the topic, maybe you will find this survey we ran…gy

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@argyleink @googlechrome I tried on macOS, and there it looks different (it’s called “distill page”). Seems like…II

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Nice, @googlechrome is experimenting with a reader mode: set the chrome://flags/-reader-mode flag🚩 in…uB

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@lewixlabs @ChromiumDev @reillyeon can probably tell you more about the threat model here.

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codepo8 I’ve put together a checklist for presentations to consider being:

🌈 inclusive
♿ accessible
🌏ready for…Qu

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stefanjudis If you wonder how to make your sites more affordable, safe and respectful – I wrote a piece. ✍…Lq

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On Google Sheets: ignore the clickbait title and read the article in the quoted tweet ⤵️. I used to (wrongly)…Yo

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justmarkup Naming things to improve accessibility…

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