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July 25th, 2019

Live demo on an iPhone running iOS 13 (also, my email is

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Dark Mode 🌒 all the things!!!1! Including your 📧 emails! Learn how to create emails that respect your users’ `…FH

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Setting a favicon that is specific to light or dark mode is something you can easily do with `<dark-mode-toggle>` (…TR

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Don’t comma-separate `:focus-within` if you need deep browser support:…. Good reminder by ⁦…Lk

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mrmrs_ Sneak 👀at something new for
Generative design is fun. Fun is good.

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getify TC39 advances the ?? nullish-coalescing operator (stage 3). Cool!

// this:
var x = (foo != null) ? foo : 42;…Vp

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@watilde In that sense @AMPhtml isn’t any different from any other webpage. It’s just regular CSS, inlined.

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@darktears @googlephotos @jerem @elatable I’m still hoping for a simple solution based on @FedEx bandwidth: 😂

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@individual8 @googlephotos @jerem @elatable Yeah, not so much a question of the actual connection speed, but more…gF

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@benmorss @pbakaus @m_giacchino Talking of Gänsehautmoment, still fondly remember the MIDI version of the Voyager…d3

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I really love @googlephotos, and the best is that—as we advance our Machine Learning capabilities—it only gets…l6LY

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