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January 10th, 2023

Understanding Authentication In Websites—A Banking 🏦 Analogy: Well-written post with code samples linked at the end. Good to recall the concepts of authentication every now and then—even if you’re not concerned with imple

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A brilliant MVP guide ⤵️ by @keithamus on how to create Web Components the modern way! 💏 As a practical start, there’s a scaffolding tutorial for how to write a `<toot-embed>` custom element:

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RT @shadeed9: 🌟 New: Conditional CSS

I wrote about my thoughts on why I think CSS is conditional in many ways, and how I enjoy writing CSS…

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@LeaVerou @jimniels @JoshWComeau @bjornornorn It’s definitely my immediately formed mnemonic after learning about all of those color channel options: the okay lifetime channel habit, oklch(). 🎨

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