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April 18th, 2023

@LeoVasanko It’s certainly a personal preference. Glad the team made everyone happy by exposing the setting now!

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@sepia_fw I always got confused, too, between the different IDEs and browsers, but finally I can predictably set it according to my likings.

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GitHub Copilot has trained me to accept autocomplete suggestions on [Enter]. I would type `con`, and then accept the autocompletion of …`sole` with [Enter]. Not so in Chrome DevTools. A million times did I get `Uncaught ReferenceErro…

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In the next couple of years, we’ll produce huge amounts of e-waste based on “smart” devices connected to cloud servers that we conveniently—or not so much—control with apps, mostly using proprietary data formats. Examples:

The repor…

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Getting my domain tomayac.​de back: The story of how I recently was able to reacquire my `.de` domain, after switching to `.com` a long time ago… 🥹

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