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April 20th, 2023

@sepia_fw @webkit Thank you! This should go live with the next deployment. Web Speech and Geolocation technically far predate the Project Fugu effort.

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@sepia_fw @webkit By the way, feel free to submit Sepia to the Project Fugu 🐡 API

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@sepia_fw @webkit Designing permissions and their duration and persistence is (at least currently) fully in user-agent land.

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Just gave the “Most wanted PWA features on iOS/iPadOS/macOS Safari 🧭” document some love: Great progress, Team WebKit! There’re some [Wanted] features left; maybe consider those next?!

(Thanks for the reminder, @simevidas@mas

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#TIL that the German government publishes an accurate and detailed list of all the defense weapons it provides the Ukraine with: #StandForUkraine 🇺🇦 #StopPutin 🛒

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