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Hamburg, Germany

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March 1st, 2010

@LordofGoats Saw this couple of days ago & put it immediately in #WTF drawer. I’#nero WiFi ( provider myself.

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RT @codepo8: Amazed that none of the posts about Google’s acquisition of Picnik mentions that it is used in Flickr.

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Wow, awesome: bought I’m a long-time Picnik user, but had to google it every time b/o the name ‘c’|’k’?

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Guy at Villa Borgmann Hotel asks for MAC address for WiFi (weird, as it’s open & free). Box of Kleenex discretely placed on TV…

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On my way to Amsterdam AMS from Hamburg HAM now via Zurich ZRH. Instead of 9AM now arriving at 2PM & a food voucher worth 7,5thansa

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Flight to Amsterdam canceled. Now mayor of airport & making a living from renting ports on my multi-outlet powound

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@TNVS Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to the fixed version then. Uninstalled for now :-(

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@lazyb0y @krahn Reg. Nexus One availability & operators in DE: sorry, I have no insights into when this happe@frischkoppkopp might know more

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