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March 18th, 2010

@jerem Tried I know the guy behind it. @qwerted

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Dear , I didn’t mean to replace you w/ an powered . It just silently happened. We stay friends, OK? Tom

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@stilkov Exactly. You leave the key mapping as is, but display a warning (style is the same as when you hit “Eject”) when you hit caps.

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@onlythoughtwork I guess we will. Not sure about the process (does everyone want to have their extension published?). We will figure out.

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Wow! The Type-ahead-find Chrome extension emulates ’s “find as you type” feature in :

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Loving for seconds after I installed it. No more acciDENTAL UPPERCase cursing ;-) (via @TUAW [blog])

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Java project android-market-api: new (unofficial) way to programatically access the (via @momogermany)

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