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May 3rd, 2010

Wonderin why the patch doc format’s SHOULD & not MUST in the HTTP PATCH RFC given that the format’s variablsPhD

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@tenCate Nice catch! An open letter on your blog, then a pointer to it via snail mail or Badische Neueste Nachrichten should do the job ;-)

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If this ’08 article by @sallamar had been written in ’07, my Master thesis would’ve looked entirely different.

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fabien_gandon XSLT transformation & GRDDL profile for Facebook Open Graph Protocol class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#grddlr###m #fb

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WSREST2010 @stilkov is suggesting WS-REST 2011 review forms should have the “expertise level” as “low”, ” medium”, “good”, or “fielding”.

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There’s a conflict between API via (new) media types & the goal to stick to established media typREST open debaomsPhD

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Reading The Role of Hypermedia in Distributed System Development Thinking of , media type & contrasPhD

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