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May 17th, 2010

@Shonzilla Thanks! It’s not so much about time, it’s more that I’m a family guy :-). We’ll find a spot! Cheers, Tom

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If ya didnt make it on the Google I/O streaming event invite list (in MUC/HAM/*), relax: day 1 & 2 keynotes via class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#io20102010

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@chanezon @jerem @ChristopherBlum Thank you all! Really excited to get started. Cheers, Tom

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@timeinfeldt Thanks! Looking forward to the new job.

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Personal announcement no. 3: new job title: Research Scientist. Good that I printed generic business cards:

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RT @retomeier: When to Include an Exit Button in Apps (Hint: Never) // Good write-up! +1

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Personal announcement no. 2: focus of still is , , API desc,… but for thCH EU FP7 project

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Personal announcement no. 1: as of May 15 back to a full-time contract. Doing 100% research as a day job for Google now.

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