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May 10th, 2010

@mamund Thanks! :-) Maybe see you in person at ;-) Hoping to have something publishable by then =>

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@martijnbeijk Freeand PNP2008 => LOL, click on the “Results” link in the navigation bar… ;-)

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@martijnbeijk I see. I am just getting into the whole concept and start experimenting. I guess doing the PhD helps a lot time-wise ;-)

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Just created & publishedFOAF file using the tool FOAF-a-Matic //@mamundm@webr3esPhD

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@n1mda Looking forward to the release! Happy to beta-test, if need be :-) Cheers!

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RT @aygul: Testing LaTeXLab and […] it’s awesome! “LaTeX Google Docs: professional document preparation system”:

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Digging into inspired by @bsletten’s (<== ) “ROA: Information, Not Containers”

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