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September 14th, 2010

@michaelhkay @SEOuxIndianer Thank you all for the help and the retweet! Learnt a lot today, grateful for helpers like you out there!

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“It’s a pleasure to inform you that the demo - Making Video a 1st Class Citizen was accepted” :-)

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@russenreaktor Thanks. The problem seems to be the ‘|’ operator for selecting several paths, though. works :-)

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@ChristopherBlum //[@e1=’a’] => Not a valid XPath expression. works. Thanks for the tool pointer!

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RT @arzt: @tomayac //@e1[text()=’a’]? // Works! Awesome! Thanks a million! (W/ regards to my #XPath question at :-)

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RT @rtroncy: RT @yprie: Release of Advene 0.44 (a video annotation tool). See to download. Now supports #html5 export!

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RT @gromgull: Note the important difference that are 7bit US ASCII, while is UTF8. //IMHO one more argument for N3 @bobdc

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Hoping for : “//e1 | //e2” → valid (elems@e1“//@e2 | //@e2” → valid@e1ttr). “@e2e1=‘a’ | //@e2=‘b’” → invalid (attr + val). Why?

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@lysander07 Effectively working in this field already, however, already a student at Still’d like to meet & learn from you!?

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@sze Yepp! Way more. Read these documents for some use cases: and

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RT @JohnMu: Mute by source - now in #Google #Buzz: - a great way to streamline your Buzz stream :-) // Yay! Good move!

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