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September 25th, 2010

submission rejected :-( Valid points in reviews, tho. Still going, good learning experience that forms strong characters.

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blaine The Cloud9 IDE is seriously impressive, and open source: The things you learn at jsconf!

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RT @cramforce: Amazed by @bfirsh’s and @mutle’s hard core game dev content // +1

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dalmaer Input: HTML/CSS/JS, Output: app store ready packages for iPhone/Android/Palm/Symbian/Blackberry. Welcome

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is an interim solution until the browsers catch up w/ access to native APIs >> Brian LeRoux at . Mentions W3C Device API.

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@pbakaus Valid point. Interested to see latency charts: pre-calc (> traffic, < startup time) vs. on-demand-calc (< traffic, > startup time).

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@bgalbs @pbakaus @dalmaer These were my immediate thoughts as well. Why not pre-calculate the pixel maps? Did I get the concept wrong?

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RT @dalmaer: “XML is like violence. If it doesn’t solve your problem, you aren’t using enough of it.” // @evilhackerdude at #JSConf

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4:01am. Finished w/ both my @jsconfeu slides &aConf code, played w/RDFa API implementation & had fun w/ lasers. Great hack night :-)

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