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October 4th, 2010

RT @mamund: “Put method=DELETE and method=PUT to rest.” [mca blog] // Man, this is sad!

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.@cygri Considered a feature: wrt. 404 pages and 512byte size minimum.

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stilkov RT @tillsc: Why is there no PUT and DELETE support for forms in the editor’s draft ( anymore?

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Posted on the Working Group’s mailing list:

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@dakoller Check out @paul_houle’s latest update to Ookaboo: Thanks for your initial pointer!

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@vinoaj Going Nov 6-12, but need to head home directly after the conference b/o the kids. Need a separate excuse for Singapore ;-) Ideas?

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Subscribed to couple of mailing lists. Unsubscribed from couple of W3C RSS feeds. Let’s see how that goes. Sent 2:

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Renewing passport for China visa. Old one was issued in 2006, now using the same photo again for new one. Plus 2010 fingerprints.

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image format proposed. Take video codec, apply part of it to still images, add container format, ready: :-)

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RT @ivan_herman: Visualizing the German budget with Offener Haushalt //

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