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October 13th, 2010

@manusporny Is __vocab__ the equivalent to (@)base? “foo(@)lang” & “bar^^type” requires parsing & potentially escaping. Trade-off to attrib?

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@dakoller I’m not aware of enabled libs, but am no expert on that domain. For the 2nd q: could you elaborate & email me?

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@dakoller My own lib that (partly) implements the current spec draft. Based on triple extraction. Early alpha.

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Bug fix releases for my 2 extensions: Highlighter, Triples Lister

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cygri New characters in Unicode: 1F648 SEE-NO-EVIL-MONKEY, 1F649 HEAR-NO-EVIL-MONKEY, 1F64A SPEAK-NO-EVIL-MONKEY

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@cygri I’d say singular, so does Google Trends:

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@algermissen Thanks! Try your favorite search engine w/ “wordpress enable full text rss feed” ;-) Sorry, I have no clue of WordPress.

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Thanks all for feedback on my Triple Lister extension ( It’s v0.0.1 for a reason ;-) Working on fixes.

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@algermissen Wondering whether you could switch from a snippet RSS feed to a full RSS feed? So annoying having to click thru to great posts.

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