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November 22nd, 2010

mogwai_poet New Chrome extension adds the terrifying visage of Jimmy Wales to *every* web page:

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@lazier Latex in the sense of . Unfortunately messed up the character cases.

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Related news: I’ll need to set some time aside to finally learn . Dear , what’s the best setup for Latex on ? Thanks!

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It’s amazing how bad the Springer template is Headings don’t even auto-number. Idiot me still using it :-(

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Working on a position paper for the in the Future Internet session at :

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@webr3 Fair enough! The libs are complimentary, true. Was just wondering b/c you asked for a parser recently…

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@webr3 This looks incredibly awesome!!! Thanks for the personal notify :-) Will check thoroughly later, but is there a parser (guess not)?

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RT @webr3: released JS3. An insane integration of RDF in ECMAScript-262 V5 (Javascript)

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