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November 23rd, 2010

@cygri Feature req. for : could it accept 1 char prefixes like v =>… ? (Ontology quality aside).

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Sporting @mfhepp’s Tickets Ontology ( in the position paper for , plus @philipppoisel concerts.

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Y’day’s story ( ended happily: the woman next door gave birth to a healthy boy & her 1.5year-old’s thru the night, too.

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songcarver I’ve used a mac for more than a decade, but I still forget which of those weird symbols in the menubar correlate to Shift, Command, Option.

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joehewitt Some great new Web APIs in Safari on iOS 4.2. Accelerometer!

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@maximetiran @cramforce LOL, seems like you guys are having a good time. Raise a glass on the old times :-)

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@cramforce Indeed! This is why we all love feature detection & libraries :-) Enjoy life over there!

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RT fofr: work in 4.2, tested on . // Now, @streamie, when are you gonna be updated? Hey, @cramforce code nite?

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.@tmpz, @tbasseto, @tenCate: So seems to be the tool of choice for on . Thx for pointers! Also to @rtroncy, @lazier.

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Exciting: our neighboring couple from 3 stairs up’re having a baby tonite. We’re taking care of their 1.5 year-old, they’re in hospital now.

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