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October 1st, 2011

@hfmuehleisen Come over now! Dinner is being served!

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allows for the compilation of C/C++ code to : Speed is impressive.

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@rtroncy No, haven’t heard of it. Seems similar to jszip:

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folks, check out ( Apps request actions in form of verbs, which have defined .

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@bobdc Screen sucks. You need a stylus or fingernails. Slow CPU, OS will prob. never be officially updated (but possible). Besides that: OK.

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jsPDF is the vice-versa library to PDF.js (as seen on ) to generate w/ pure :

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parser implemented in pure : Talk on details & speed tweaksnfEU. Will comeefox!

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@maximetiran +1! Not sure what could be done about it :-(

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Great over-lunch conversation on w/ @jankleinert &a@Paul_KinlannlannfEU. Make sure to attend the talk at 2:30PM!

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Zeon.js by @kuvos is a tool that does type inference for . Inc. realtime profiling. qfox on GitHub

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@rtroncy +1. Their approach is a little weird at best :-) Maybe we can draft an email to them together.

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@antoniogarrote Do you come to in Berlin this weekend? If you’re into stuff at Forward, chances are you’ll come?!

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Heading to Berlin for a weekend full of foo: Super excited to learn from world-class coders. .

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@julian_urbano @PFCdgayo The most important hint is the “tell a story” hint. Embed your message in a story your audience can identify with.

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