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October 25th, 2011

Best thing at poster session: hotel staff served drinks to presenters, too. Appreciated. Oh, vote for DC5!

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Seeing my poster on TwitPic sucks: See? Better come to the live session & vote for poster DC5.

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@gklyne @mnot Confused by the same thing. Object keys as link relations makes it hard to differentiate between link relations & payload.

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RT @rtroncy @agoraproject: Recap of the workshop now avail. // Merci for the mention in the post!

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@tommyh @laroyo @rtroncy WiFi works 100% for me, ironically enough I get dropped off the Telekom paid WiFi in my room all the time

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@tcurdt Ouch. I got a confirmation. Bummer :-( Was hoping to see you there…

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In the In-Use track at , learning about type coercion in IBM’s . Never boring topic EDM (Entity Disambiguation & Matching).

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RT @mnot: on the blog: Web API Versioning Smackdown // +1. Sent you a follow-up question in

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@mnot Nice post! WRT link rels, where do they get defined in your example? In the custom media type? Do you know ? CC: @RubenVerborgh

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@cygri Someone should do it; tho I can’t commit to anything law-related. The excuse “I’m a dev, not a lawyer” wouldn’t work anymore then ;-)

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