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October 24th, 2011

@cygri Nice take. Sometimes not even the publisher is the copyright holder… Examining this license issue’d be a nice topic for a law PhD.

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@hfmuehleisen This is the @hfmuehleisen &a@kathrinrinn2011 Remembrance Tweet™. You guys are missing. @RubenVerborghorgh

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RT @rtroncy: Don’t forget to vote for the contest! is misspelled, it’s 3rd choice // +1

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“You’re 2 standard deviations off of what users think, cause ya know what a standard deviation is” A Bernstein Doctoral Consortium

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@terraces @fabien_gandon Merci for additional pointers. Will check :-)

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@RubenVerborgh Bedankt :-) That’s probably the best compliment a presenter can get. 5min _is_ short, though ;-)

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@falahmari Yepp. It’s open to anyone. I’m done, but other are presenting their work till 4pm I think.

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About to present at the Doctoral Consortium at . If you’re at the conf, stop by at 2pm (now). Slides:…

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All the slides of the workshop are online and linked from (via @rtroncy)

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In the Ontology Matching workshop at . Current session on link discovery’s interesting even for non-domain experts like me.

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RT @pbryan: New JSON Patch… and JSON Pointer… Internet-Drafts are up. // +1

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