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February 9th, 2012

@RubenVerborgh Obviously tweaking our extension now ;-)

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Need to walk the tree? Consider the DOM Super fast Thx @ChristopherBlum

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.@ChristopherBlum Duh, thanks. Fixed it. Looking more realistic now. Still kicks ass. FTW! Your help FTW!

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The social Web is the awesome. THANKS for your help. it is, albeit I lost history while fine-tuning. Mind running again?

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RT @ChristopherBlum: @tomayac how about adding a test with document.createTreeWalker // Wow! Wasn’t aware of that.

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@mamund Thanks, Mike. Appreciate your help :-)

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Folks, could you do me a small favor & ruPerf test, (click the “Run test” button). Thanks!

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A simpler, webbier approach to Web Intents (and Activities): #WebIntents #WebActivities, by @benadida

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@dvdeurse You somehow missed the two PCs on the desk.

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