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February 22nd, 2012

@mthie Hau rein. Kannst forken, oder einfach die Regeln dort einbauen :-)

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@rtroncy We totally should ;-) Unless, that is, it has not yet been taken care of by some friendly lawyer :-P

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List of trademarks and generic terms: I see a Chrome extension rising..OMSSVGMLSLTF™

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XHTML™ 1.0 The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (Second Edition) - (sic) 1st I thought the ™ after was a pun

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BTW, Download is made by François Beaufort (on Google+ … (vi@jeremem)

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Download is an app that simply lets you download the latest build of Chromium. Excellent! (via @greenido)

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Finding News Sources in Social Media by @ndiakopoulos: Related Work for . (via @rtroncy > @socialsensor_ip)

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