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July 14th, 2013

@cramforce Didn’t know that. The best is the #iPass payment option, for obvious reasons :-) Cf. (me flying American)

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Instead of watching movies, I’m working on —at 34,000 feet above the ground, flying t13 in San Jose, CA. +1 in-flight WiFi!

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Favorite new / in-browser library: async.js by @caolan: parallel, serial, doWhile,â€ Thanks, Sir!

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@nicolastorzec May be a good candidate for porting to via . Have never tried it due to limited time atm. ().

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@stilkov Hehe, limited supply (as on YouTube w/ all the content ID removals) is a good motivation to watch stuff in foreign languages :-)

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@stilkov Does she watch in en-US, tho? My kids watch Caillou in en-US, but only cause they’ve watched the de & es ones on YouTube already.

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@spbail The connection is too slow :-( It’s GPRS at best, but enough to get work done, so overall still winning.

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Reviewing parts of @RubenVerborgh’s at 34,000 feet & in-flight WiFi. On my way to (San Jose, CA). Living in the future.

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