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September 1st, 2016

@mgiuca @PaulKinlan Probably ignoring tons of prior work and experiences w/ Web Intents—apologies in advance—but thought I’d get this out.

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@mgiuca @PaulKinlan Ultra-raw idea: s/Web Share/Web Actions/, start w/ share action, but w/ expandability in mind.…

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“supports_share”→”actions”: [“share”]


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rob_dodson Just published Part 2 of the Case for Custom Elements. Exploring VDOM, SSR, and a ton of other topics.…

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Welcome simplification in the SVG spec to no longer require xlink:href namespaced attributes—now coming to…S

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On the receiving end, Web apps declare actions in manifest, listen via the Service Worker:….…

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New experiments around Web sharing. On the sharing end, I’d root for a share: URI scheme for simplicity reasons.…

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dalmaer “Pantsuit is Hillary for America’s internal design system.”…

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