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September 30th, 2016

Great day w/ @trivago_tech today. Such a pleasure to see you folks put our rec’s into practice. Further reading:….

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owencm Why I think the URL bar is bad UX 💔, and what the constraints are of site identity and linking on the web:… 🙇

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addyosmani The @ChromeDevTools Console now supports multiple carets, column selection, word matching & many Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts 🔥

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Just as @hfmuehleisen releases @computerthinks, Yahoo release an NSFW Caffe model. Coincidence? I think…S1

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@hfmuehleisen Nice bot 👍🏻 The bio link 404s, though. Did you compare with and TensorFlow?

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umaar JavaScript Route-based chunking -… Nice and short post by @addyosmani on code splitting based on routes. Useful read

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Amazing list of Chrome Developer Tools tips:… Monitor events:


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maxlath here is all it took to transition @inventaire_io from SPDY to HTTP/2.

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Google blog feed readers rejoice, @JohnMu has filed a bug to get the feeds fixed (i.e., back to full). //CC: @feedly…

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@feedly Personally, I don’t have a contact, but @JohnMu might?! Seems to concern all @Google blogs, all feeds are truncated :-/

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If you’re dumbing down your RSS/Atom feeds, you’re doing it wrong. Looking at you, new @Google blogs:…. ❤️ @feedly!

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