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July 12th, 2017

umaar Normally, we only think about client side JavaScript, but we can also profile server-side JS to learn why webpages are slow 🐢 to return 2/

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Dealing with changing connectivity in an accessible manner, as shown by @mxbck:……

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Updating all my @npmjs packages ( due to @nodejs’ hash flooding vulnerability. Also, thanks @heroku for alerting. 👍…

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@andreapernici @Google @AMPhtml The carousel contains both @AMPhtml & non-AMP articles: search for “carousel” on…. CNN & Vox shown as non-AMP below.

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⚠️”There’s no ranking change on @Google—Whether a […] site has [@AMPhtmlPhtml […] has no bearing on [its]…BHr8Iw6n

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