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July 24th, 2017

@pbakaus @fighto @tibor @AMPhtml @guardian FWIW, I’m on iPhone 7+, iOS 11 Beta 4; it’s working fine now and has also worked fine on Beta 3.

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Firefox marketshare revisited, by former @mozilla CTO Andreas Gal:…

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Now what’s missing is WebP support in Butteraugli to psychovisually compare Pik & WebP—Also: support for both in all browsers. (HT@dalmaerr)…F

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jeffposnick Considerations when using multiple service worker fetch handlers, including handlers defined via importScripts()…

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The most entertaining introduction to ES6 Modules (➡️…) that you will read today, courtesy of @samthor ⬇️.…

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justmarkup How We Got the Favicon…

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@tonyfindeisen To be sure I get it right: depending on the shipping address, the allowed payment options change. @agektmr, is this possible?

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@spreadshirt @tonyfindeisen @maltewill @agektmr, @tonyfindeisen’s learnings from impl. Payment Request might be good feedback for your team—See replies…r.

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More & more companies “discover” the Payment Request API, incl. @spreadshirt. @tonyfindeisen, @maltewill and I’d love to hear the learnings.…

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tcurdt ssh-chat - brilliant idea…

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