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November 15th, 2017

My former colleague Garan has implemented tic-tac-toe in @AMPhtml:…. Hat tip to the “because we can” department.

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Oh no, @RubenVerborgh taught me to spot bad keming (, and now @DasSurma is teaching me to spot <120fps rendering: 🙈. Here goes my peace of…T9

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Hooray, standards: “Enabled Payment Request by default”. Great job, @webkit! Wonder what this might mean for Apple Pay JS in the long term. Any statement, @jonathandavis?…

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Streaming HTML for progressive rendering is a concept that’s highly underused. An alternative might be new-line-separated JSON:…

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lambdaman Inspiring read “Querying DBpedia with GraphQL” by @szymonklarman… # linkedddata

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Great overview of different SVG-based image placeholder techniques to improve the perceived load time of websites by @jmperezperez:… (via @tbaldauf) 🖼

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SoerenE67 Right-To-Left Development In Mobile Design… via @smashingmag

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