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November 23rd, 2017

slides by @RubenVerborgh:…. If you’re not freaking out, you’re not paying attention.…

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aaranged Yandex Turbo Pages for Publishers Announced today @russiansearchmk

Completely different approach than AMP. Uses RSS feed + RSS extensions - more like FBIA than AMP. Bizarrely, does not support HTTPS!

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UriShaked What if the Chrome T-Rex game was real? It is, now! 🦖 @ChromiumDev…

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Very useful micro tip by @DasSurma on the new `for await` loops. Further reading: @jaffathecake’s article on async iterators and generators:…. 💡…

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martin_hotell Slides from my talk about with @skate_js are up!… @FrontEndConnect check it out!

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👀 I’m looking for a tutorial on running @official_php 7 on @apache_httpd 2 and several @nodejs 8 apps (on different ports) on one @ubuntu 16 server (I have root), probably all orchestrated by @nginx. Any pointers? 📖 🙏

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Monaco, the editor that powers VS @code: This might come in handy at some point.…

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SaraSoueidan Content Sliders (aka Carousels) — possibly the most controversial component, & one of the least accessible if not implemented right.
@heydonworkss has our backs now w/ a thorough guide on how to build an accessible, progressively enhanced, responsive…m

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ebidel Resize events for DOM elements…

window.onresize…no longer the only game in town. A mixin that adds a ResizeObserver 📏 (chrome 63) to any web component. ➡️ DOM nodes now have `resize` events! src:…

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