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November 28th, 2017

cast show protagonist @rob_dodson looks at VoiceOver, iOS’ built-in screenreader. The end of the episode has a quick shoutout to the Accessibility Object Model for making custom elements accessible.…

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cosmoene An AMP and Subscription Model for All Publishers: @LaterPay now supports in monetizing AMP-ed content. @AMPhtml…

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“The baseline memory consumption for a “Hello World” page with no JavaScript, no CSS and no images is around 160 megabytes.” 😲 Any pointers, @katie_fenn, @mathias, on why the baseline is so high?…

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pbakaus If I had the power to make this change at my employer, I’d change the interview process to: “here’s a real problem a dev on the team had to solve with this context. Use your laptop, internet, any resources you need. See you in a few hours.”…

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$> await;

Thanks, @ChromeDevTools, for making developers’ lives easier. It’s small things, but an immediate productivity win. 👏

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AMPhtml On February 13th & 14th, we’re turning Amsterdam into AMPsterdam! Register now to join us at AMP Conf 2018 to learn about the latest in AMP and building great user experiences on the web:…

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glecollinet New experiment: Infinitown – a randomly-generated endless

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triagegirl A reminder: the web is a platform.

It’s not Chrome, or any single browser.…

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kennethrohde Chrome is getting support for Web Share Target… as part of Web APK!… Super exciting!

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🎉Yay, @mozilla are looking into implementing the Web Share API for @firefox:…. Probably worth commenting on the Issue if you want this. Sharing is caring. 😀

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