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July 18th, 2018

@slightlylate @KhurrumQureshi1 @addyosmani Might be a temporary workaround until full responsive launches?!

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@slightlylate @KhurrumQureshi1 @addyosmani Still some small hiccups with offline, but it was definitely working bef…

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@slightlylate @KhurrumQureshi1 @addyosmani Your test still confirms the slow TTFB, but this may be completely different in-country.

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@slightlylate @KhurrumQureshi1 @addyosmani True. The Lighthouse run uses the final URL, my WebPageTest run uses the…

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@slightlylate @KhurrumQureshi1 @addyosmani Congratulations, this looks great 🎉. Just ran it through WebPageTest (…

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RT @Mustafa_x: Making sites technically fast is great, but 30% of users still think they are slow, I wrote on how to hack user perception t…

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@dalmaer @AMPhtml I wonder about potential overhead of components that were built with cache constraints in mind li…

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@AMPhtml @dalmaer It might become an official endorsement at least, judging from

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RT @AMPhtml: @tomayac @dalmaer Just remove the amp/⚡️ attribute from the <html> element and you are good!

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@dalmaer I hear people want @AMPhtml without the AMP cache buy-in… 😜

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