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March 8th, 2019

Do we need a new heading element `<h>`? We don’t know.—Fascinating standards post by@jaffathecakee (quoted tweet ⤵️…9CI

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@sisidovski @cheneytsai Great API, looking forward to playing with it!

(Typo in the demo: `s/Waht/What/`.)

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The discussion on the issue in the quoted tweet between @RubenVerborgh and @jaffathecake is educating. ⤵️…

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DasSurma Perf tip of the day: Install jsvu. It gives you d8, a minimal shell around the V8 engine with, like, a million…3p

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Paul_Kinlan Are you a web developer who loves shipping things on the web? :) If you want to help build…2C

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