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March 12th, 2019

I’m collecting developer feedback on 🌑Dark Mode☀️ on operating systems and potentially the web (`@​media (…pE

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@danbri @slightlylate Well, all this is happening in Android land. It allows for use cases like BA ✈️ who use the…7A

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paulcalvano The @HTTPArchive tracks @____lighthouse reports for 4 million websites. I thought it would be interesting to…Bt

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@rachelandrew Example 2 in the spec… solves the YouTube iframe embed video dimension issue…UC

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Can’t wait for the `aspect-ratio` property to land in browsers:… by @rachelandrew.


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KV Storage, the web’s first built-in module:…. Great job by @philwalton on describing how…Ml

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@patrick_h_lauke Yeah, it gets even more interesting with `prefers-color-scheme` (for dark mode), which many…zf

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