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March 21st, 2019

This trick ⤵️ feels counterintuitive at first sight, but as @jaffathecake put it “[IO]’s reporting on a layout…FR

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@othermaciej @jaffathecake @ohunt @Litherum FWIW, Chrome in the DevTools console alerts developers about unused…9X

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jaffathecake ğŸŽ‰ Version 4.0 of idb released!

It’s a little 1.1k library that tries to make IndexedDB usable via promises,…4p

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AMPhtml Sepand Parhami, an engineer on the core ⚡️ AMP team, created a 📖 library to implement complex animations, and…L7

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adamdbradley Actually kind of neat to see the kv-storage “built-in” module within chrome’s source. Just a JS script 🙂…

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@tistre “Weird hack: The heisenbug happens only sometimes, so I run each XSL transform 20 times and use the most common result…” 😂

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