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June 5th, 2019

@rob_dodson @hdv @rowan_m @Una @sundress Yeah, outline is what you want to use, but you have to reverse-engineer…Au

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@toarnavsingh @ChromiumDev The current target milestone is Chrome 77, see the label in the tracking bug….

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@hdv @rob_dodson @rowan_m Very true. Nevertheless it’d be great to have a standard way to say “give this…y0

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@hdv @rob_dodson Sure, but sometimes one might want to create entirely new components, for example @rowan_m’s `<…Ep

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b1tr0t How should you let your frequent users know they can install your PWA? Rule #1) don’t be annoying, rule #2) DO…zH

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“Imagine what a user would see if they accessed the resource in an incognito window. If you’re happy with…Ot

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Great article by @hdv ⤵️. Open question: what’s the recommendation regarding making custom element focus behavior…dR

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@HTTPArchive Great remark, thanks. Need to investigate tomorrow how this changes the state of affairs.

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I looked at @HTTPArchive data regarding usage of the CSS media features `prefers-color-scheme` (…H7

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xeenon Whatever floats your boat — light, dark, or hot dog…

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