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June 7th, 2019

css What if we got aspect-ratio sized images by doing almost nothing?…

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What if there was a built-in way to create a toggle switch like in this demo:…. Please…Np

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@mikemaccana @int32_t Because it’s implemented as a custom element, and custom elements need to have a hyphen in…KX

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@rowan_m /me schedules a “Just checking in on your progress” meeting on Wednesday. 👔

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Even if 🤖 Googlebot is now evergreen, there’re still scenarios where you want to be careful when relying on (…8f

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@arnellebalane @GoogleDevExpert /me *Checks date of tweet*
Feels like you have been a GDE forever. Welcome then officially!

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@mafintosh @hyperdivisiondk Thanks for sharing! Pinged this to our Project Fugu 🐡 folks who’re working on WebHID:….

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mafintosh My talk about Streams Whack-a-mole is available here,…

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@gabrielstuff @HCornflower @ChromiumDev @webkit Pinned to screen works, loaded in a third-party browser based on…Nq

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Oh, the source code of the new Chromium-based @MSEdgeDev is available in form of ~1.5GB .tar files…Rm

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