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June 12th, 2022

DevFest For Ukraine, A Charity Conference On The Future Of Tech 🇺🇦
I keep thinking ⁦@smashingmag⁩ is good people. Thanks for using your reach repeatedly for good. #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

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@imsaurabhrajpal What do you mean by “again”? Don’t tell me you ever fell _out_ of love with Web development? 🙀

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Honored to be speaking at @devfest_ukraine alongside @Una, @jh3yy, Jason, Roman, and @rachelandrew. My talk is, of course, about Project Fugu 🐡 APIs, but you should attend for all the other Web stream topics like CSS, ML, and more:

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Did you know that in recent browsers the `options` parameter of an `EventTarget.addEventListener()` accepts a `signal` property with an `AbortSignal` as its value? This and more in @samthor’s latest blog post (also available as a video). I love platform

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JavaScript of Halftone Printing. Some neat printing tricks in this post. 🖨

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