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June 19th, 2022

Component Libraries: Open Web Components to get your project off the ground faster:

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@hdv @SaraSoueidan I [cmd]/[ctrl]+[f] my own archive all the time: I was thinking of adding a simple search feature there, but didn’t get to it so far. The browser’s built-in search is working really great, too.

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The US now have official government speed test apps: These apps in the future will allow for more accurate tools like the California Interactive Broadband Map: (current data origin:

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#TIL that Nintendo Joy Con controllers are natively supported on iOS 16, which is currently in beta: Friendly reminder that, thanks to the #WebHID API (, you can use them in Chromium-based browsers, too: ht

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@mrdoob One of the few use cases where I personally consider `user-select: none` valid:

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The ironic aspect of this brilliant is that for a lot of sites it’s probably I’m joking but not.

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