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November 1st, 2011

Update to my last tweet: Official #Yandex announcement on them joining #SchemaOrg (ru_RU, use Translate, via @Verona_M)

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@mikekelly85 @stilkov MIght have been as stupid as a name thing. Maybe people felt like not forcing their “things” in a “blog post format”.

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@stilkov Fully agree. As long as we don’t describe it as “real world”.

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@stilkov Fair point. Still #AtomPub gets mentioned 1st thing in many early #REST intros/tutorials (eg Let’s move on…

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@dret @vambenepe Not sure I agree w/ the comparison. Unicode IMHO did take over the world for serious software projects; only for few.

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@vambenepe @stilkov Woah, heresy ;-) But I guess people have “voted by feet” agaiAtom & for simple HTTP interfaces.

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New Google Reader: If you <3 it, perfect. If you hate it, here’s your data, gift-wrapped for you to leave. +1 #OpenData

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