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November 3rd, 2011

@cgutteridge LOL. Make sure to post the monocle dropping videos to public-lod ;-) Enjoy the conference.

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@dret I didnt list all properties, just the first 1s to give you an idea. -webkit is the vendor prefix. View source & you see -moz, -o, -ms…

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Having crossed ways w/ @RubenVerborgh at at was so far the single best thing to happen for . Just sayin’. Merci

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@cgutteridge This SWIB 2011? If so, I know that it exists. (Can’t DM back. You no haz follow me.)

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@dret -webkit-animation-name: roll;
-webkit-animation-duration: 4s;
-webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;

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olyerickson Totally cool: type “do a barrel roll” into Google!!

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@jindrichmynarz …or learning Linux w/ an early Debian: a good learning experience that builds strong characters ;-)

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Caught up on the exciting Yahoo! announcements around the &ajaiript everywhere!…ZHQX

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