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November 25th, 2011

@grindcrank Ich musste ein bisschen googeln, um die Brillanz dieses Tweets zu verstehen. Exzellent :-) Horizonterweiternd.

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@jindrichmynarz I’d expect clearly just the title. In HTML speak: the <title> or the main <H1> header. Everything else is part of the body.

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Who tweets “Twitter” on Twitter & facebooks “Facebook” on Facebook is in good c The #NLProc stats from my SNS analysis are in…

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@tommyh @juansequeda @Spotify Yeah. That’s an unwritten lawfy will always forget your sync’ed music before long-haul flights.

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@tommyh @juansequeda I was on @Spotify Premium & loved it for the first weeks. Main issue for me: limitation to 3 offline devictify

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