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February 11th, 2016

Cool, they made the gravity waves available as a ringtone:… [mp3]…

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jaffathecake Chrome is changing how it loads stylesheets, allowing you to load & apply CSS progressively…

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thewikipedian New blog post-@Twitterr’s challenges and@Wikipediaa’s aren’t all that

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JoshConstine Twitter plans to fix the @ reply canoe character count and .@ problems it says are inhibiting growth…

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@bkeegan I read it as they used the Cloud Vision API, not really trained a deep learning model. Was hoping for an interpretation of results…

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~Sci-Hub is an online repo & Web service for reading scientific articles that bypasses (via@IgorBrigadirr)

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“Things don’t happen ‘for a reason,’ but you can find purpose and meaning in things that do happen.”-@jhuberr (…D)

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