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May 4th, 2016

housecor Handy: Update all npm packages to the latest version: 

npm install npm-check-updates -g
Then: ncu -u

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JonathanDeamer Easy creation of Wikipedia articles for under-represented languages via Wikidata…

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CrossrefOrg ~100 edits to @Wikipedia per sec @joewass capturing Event Data from that stream…

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Came across ESDoc for documenting ES2015, the FAQ covers the obvious q. about the differences to JSDoc:…

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Three out of four keynote speakers are women: Way to go, @CSVConference organizers!

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From @JennyBryan’s talk…: the Google Sheets R API… started w/ a weight-loss battle…

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@tomayac @CSVConference Thanks everyone involved in the search, got the laptop sleeve back this morning :-)

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random_forests Working on lightweight tutorials to introduce developers to ML.

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Two iframe RPC libraries I came across recently: (i) by @izuzak, (ii)… by my colleague Garan.

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