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May 23rd, 2016

somebitsLinks Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow: Taking the piss out of tech interviews

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How to forecast demand with Google BigQuery, public datasets, and TensorFlow with the example of NYC taxi data.

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@csarasuagar Thanks for the pointer. Hmm, they say they have analyzed HTTP traffic. Too bad that YouTube has gone HTTPS by default. Strange.

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ES6 tagged template literals are the new eval:


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@kwelle @PolarBearby what does the number in the right half of the bubbles mean? Usage in research publications?

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heikopaulheim From student report: “Another lesson we have learned is that real life problems can be really frustrating.” Non scholae sed vitae discimus!

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I wonder if we have stats for Lie-Wi?!

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RT @whtouche: This is a great / quick read. There’s more to ES6 than just learning the syntax - new features === new possibilities https://…

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Honest and constructive feedback by Microsoft’s @codepo8 on #io16 (speaking as the private Chris):

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