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April 11th, 2017

@karanperi Oops, sorry. Great wish list independent from that ;-)

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ebidel SPA SEO? Googlebot: has modern browser but lacks older features (localStorage, promises, ES6). Always use polyfills.…

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Flipkart engineer @karanperi’s wishlist for Progressive Web Apps features for 2017:…. All very reasonable things.

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How much data should you (pre-) load via a Service Worker?…. Great questions raised in @nhoizey’s blog post.

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@tomayac I chose mostly randomly, but am at this point unclear what happens if they decide to go down.

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I’m (≠email) . As much as I like the idea in theory, federation’s hard. Background:…

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auchenberg Ever wanted iOS web debugging and screencasting in @ChromeDevTools? It’s here! 📡📱…

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