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April 12th, 2017

This tweet by @apassant makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Stay strong, Alex! Or to say it with the words of : fuck cancer :-/…

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umaar Dev Tips: DevTools: Write & Lint code all within DevTools… Feels like DevTools is turning into an IDE 💻, experimental

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Core PWA feature demo (offline/slow network, push notifications, add to homescreen) w/ a @KyivPost PWA

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@kdzwinel Yeah, then it could be QUIC indeed.

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At , all receive a custom speed report. Learning about the 25 UX principles…, folks grade their sites.✅

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@kdzwinel Wonder if it’s traceable to a specific browser (and if it happens w/ our CDN). Tried removing integrity/crossorigin? CC: @emschec

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Sometimes it’s the short things: going from $9.99 to $10 results in +2.2% user registrations & +4.2% payments for @PDF_filler.

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At a Google Mobile Web event in Kyiv 🇺🇦 () today. Here’re some great resources for mobile sites:….

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@kdzwinel The deep link throws no SSL error:…. Interestingly the embed suggests HTTP (w/ integrity & crossorigin).🤔

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IAugenstein Good article (despite clickbaity headline) about difficulty of explaining model predictions…

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necolas Today we started using the Web Share API in Chrome to improve sharing of Tweets from Twitter Lite

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