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April 20th, 2017

RT @kdzwinel: @tomayac AFAIK there is a fastpath in querySel for “#id” and “.bla”, but it looks like it’s still 60% slower than getElById…

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My approach usually is to query as specifically as possible to avoid selector parsing; I still use getElementById and getElementByTagName.🐶

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estellevw I get free sushi if 1,000 people take the SpeedPerception challenge It’s a cause. Pls RT

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kdzwinel There is a colored dot next to each “Product” in the Network panel. I’m even more intrigued now.

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@kdzwinel @JonGarbee You generally should get a high score, but 100/100 can still mean slow—PSI score isn’t correlated to latency & is no direct ranking signal).

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RT @kdzwinel: We have a winner 🏆 @tomayac showed me a gem that already has a perfect 0.

My personal best is 39. I can’t do anything wrong…

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@kdzwinel @JonGarbee 🤔The secret is ruleImpact (, an open-ended score of the relative impact of violating the rule.

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@kdzwinel First, slow down your server and make it respond only after 3s or so. Second, deliver an empty page and load all content via XHR.

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@kdzwinel At least GTM makes it impossible to add render-blocking scripts… I see Optimizely on many customer pages—and it’s a perf killer :(

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@kdzwinel May I suggest you add a synchronously loaded A/B test?

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