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June 6th, 2017

Mozilla Developer Network rebrands to MDN Web Docs: clearly separates Web from Mozilla product docs & keeps the “mdn $query” Google juice……Av

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mathias Object rest and spread properties to ship in Chrome 60:…

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doctorow Beaker: a decentralized, peer-to-peer web browser that lets you create and fork websites…

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notwaldorf I wrote an introduction to web components for absolute beginners (and otters!)


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benplotnick @igrigorik They beat us to press by two days, but we actually were working on the same thing!…

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@MSEdgeDev This is happening on Microsoft Edge 41.16199.1000.0; Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.16199.

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@MSEdgeDev Is this an ? navigator.serviceWorker.ready returns a SW registration, but navigator.serviceWorker.controller is null. ⤵

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I ❤️ this warning in @ChromeDevTools: “[…R]esource [$URL] was preloaded […] but not used […]. […M]ake sure it wasn’t preloaded for

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Wondering how Twitter’s @AMPhtml integration (…—search for “Twitter shared”) looks like? It’s all in a “?amp=1”

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webkit Learn how @webkit’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention works by default in Safari 11 on iOS and macOS.…

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