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June 23rd, 2017

@bobdc You probably meant whom you should follow ;-)… The missing ‘m’ aside, the recommendation is, erm, interesting.

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@tom_says_things @trivago Wow, amazing news. Congratulations to the whole team! Will have a look once I’m back in the office. Happy weekend!

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🎉 @trivago_tech’s @tom_says_things has just announced Web Push Notifications on @trivago. Huge step to bringing the Web on par with native!…

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@MSEdgeDev The 404 error on the “new issue” page seems to have been corrected. I could just open….

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csarven “Authors should be creative in finding the most effective way to communicate their work..”…

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philnash Managed to build a proof of concept example of the service worker background fetch API. Take a look in Chrome here:

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Brilliant, detailed write-up of the recent @npmjs password resets (…):… (via @bcrypt @samccone)

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_davideast Adding Lighthouse checks to your CI process is easy with this gem from @ebidel.…

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MSEdgeDev sonar, a new tool we’ve been working on for the last few months is now open source under @the_jsf…

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