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June 30th, 2017

RT @fiete_stegers: Ergänzung: Für Deutschland relevanter als @congressedit sind zB @bundesedit und @WikiLiveMon

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OneDevMinute Check out this video about the Payments Request API, which will help you with the checkout process.

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@iandevlin Have you tried ProduKey ( Looks a little sketchy, but is legit.

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@DasSurma @mathias I guess it is mostly due to fonts not properly incorporating the character in their design, still looks like an alien. 💽

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RT @MaterialUp: We love these moves! 💏🏼💏🏼💏🏼 to @gianablantin @EliorTabeka & many more #UI animation designers featured here:

→ https://t.c…

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@RubenVerborgh Genius minds think alike ;-) I have had mostly good experiences with Prettier; it only messed up some template string stuff.

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@RubenVerborgh @SolidMit Prettier to the rescue: No more worrying about things that can be automated away for you.

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Was hoping to get some of Service Worker Detector’s Cache Storage features in @ChromeDevTools, but didn’t have time:

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jeffposnick There’s a top-level reload button and a “Time Cached” column in the Cache Storage viewer of @ChromeDevTools! (Currently in Canary builds.)

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RT @poshaughnessy: I just published “Because Browser Diversity Is Good For The Web”

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RT @sw12: Hardware-accelerated shape detection is coming along nicely :):

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If you want to uppercase “Viele Grüße” in German, until now it was “VIELE GRÜSSE”, as of June 29 it’s “VIELE GRÜẞE”—

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Whenever folks make snarky remarks about Microsoft’s Edge browser, show them @paul_irish’s tweet—You rock, @MSEdgeDev team! #TheNewMicrosoft

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RT @rob_dodson: A short gist showing how to use Custom Elements and Shady DOM + Shady CSS polyfills.

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RT @bagder: I wrote “Denied Entry” on my blog about what happened and where this has taken me so far.

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🤔 Wonder if anyone from the @csswg could share why ‘!’ was chosen for “!important”. It’s often used for negation (

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In-depth blog post by @sergiomdgomes comparing native JavaScript modules w/ bundled scripts performance. Code:

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